Atosa ATMG-48-NG 48-inch Natural Gas Griddle

Atosa ATMG-48-NG 48-inch Natural Gas Griddle

  • Vendor: Atosa USA
  • Model: ATMG-48-NG
  • Availability: In Stock

CookRite Heavy Duty Griddle, gas, countertop, 48 inches Width x 28-3/5 inches Depth x 15-1/5 inches Height, (47-9/10 inches Width x 19-9/10 inches Depth cooking area), 3/4" thick griddle plate, (4) stainless steel burners, standby pilots, independent manual controls, stainless steel structure, adjustable stainless steel legs, 120,00 total BTU's, cETLus, ETL-Sanitation

Atosa ATMG-48-NG 48-inch Natural Gas Griddle

Spec Sheet Atosa ATMG-48-NG 48-inch Natural Gas Griddle

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